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Suddenly disconnect after joining the server - Not banned

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le: 04. 06. 2018 [14:58]
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I am playing with a friend on your server 7D2D. Today I want to play again, but if I try to join I can move only around for 10-15 seconds then I see the main menu instantly. (I assume it is a disconnect)

Also if I try to open a friendly chest/forge, because I spawn in our base - I immediately lose connection.

I have to get a new IP after every attempt or I am not even able to see the server anymore. I had never any problems in the past, have not changed anything - so any idea what is going on, maybe the admin sees something in the log?


edit: I can join and play on every other server. So I guess the problem is on your side. Can the admin look into this, please?

the log:


edit2: My friend came online. Joined the game, after that I could join the server as usually and everything works as it should be. No 'IP-ban', I can interact with our base and rejoin any time I want.

Really weird bug.

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le: 09. 06. 2018 [22:34]
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This is IP ban.